If you need great content – words that sell – produced professionally, reliably, and on schedule, I’m your man.

I’ve been in the copywriting business for over 40 years. I’ve written fliers, catalogs, brochures, websites, blog articles, direct response letters and mailers, video scripts, infomercials, TV and radio spots – you name it.

That means I won’t waste your time – or your money.

You have great products or services. You just need the right words to sell them – words that resonate with your customers (and potential customers). You need clear, engaging content that will boost your sales, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. That’s where I come in. Words are my business.

My rigorous copywriting process is time-tested and reliable:

• I research your company, your products, your website, your literature, your customers. With detailed questionnaires, I explore your goals, your company “personality,” and what makes your company and your products unique to your customers. We’ll talk about benefits you provide and needs you fulfill.

• I research your competition – their websites, literature, and ads, with an eye to creating a unique position for your company that stands out boldly in your field.

• Using your ideas, knowledge and expertise, I work with you to determine what makes your company unique, what you offer that your competitors don’t – your “unique selling proposition.” Because I never write copy that your competitor could sign.

• I shape your story, craft the distinctive “voice” of your company, highlight your benefits, and create clear, professional, original, high-quality content. With well-crafted taglines, magnetic headlines, fascinating bullet-points, persuasive benefits, and strong calls-to-action, I present your company and products in the best and most compelling light.

• Using SEO best practices, I make sure your copy is designed to be easily found by search engines (and your potential customers).

Let’s get started. Contact me and let me know the nature of your project and what you need. I’ll get back to you right away.