Creativity, the Missing Factor

We recently met with the executives of a manufacturing company that needed a new website. The owner mentioned that they had interviewed a number of other website professionals, and while they all knew the technical aspects of putting a website together, they lacked creativity. “We’re technical people,” the CEO told us. “We don’t need more techies. We need creative people who can help us communicate about our company.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your website, get a better logo design, or change your corporate look, it’s important to look at the subject of creativity.

There are a lot of people out there who can put a website together. They know HTML coding, they know CSS, they know how to construct a web page so that it works technically. But all too often, where they fall down is on the subject of creativity. The website works, but it doesn’t look quite right – it doesn’t make your company look professional enough, or big enough. It doesn’t effectively communicate what your company does. It doesn’t reflect the image you want your company to have.

Graphic design is its own technology. And any good designer learned his craft at an art or design school, or from an old-school design mentor. A good designer is competent in such things as color harmony, composition, and balance. He or she knows which colors look good together – and which don’t. A good designer knows how to effectively communicate a motif or a mood using color, shapes, and even typography. He or she knows what makes a design look bold, or playful, or sophisticated, or commanding.

A good design directs the viewer’s attention into and through a design. A poor design disperses the viewer’s attention. A good design communicates exactly what you want it to – a poor design communicates the wrong message.

At SkyHawk Studios, our background is in “old school” creative and graphic design. Sure, we know the tools of putting a website together, but we use those tools, along with all the other graphic design tools in our arsenal, to create a website that effectively forwards your company’s image.

Here is an example of a website and logo makeover we just completed for a Los Angeles based company. Click here to see the “before”.

“After” (new logo and website)

The Rain Leak Pro -click to see full website

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With over 40 years experience in graphic design, marketing and advertising, Jefferson brings a wealth of old-school basics to the digital age.

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