3D Modeling 4 Business – What’s It Got to Do With You?

Jefferson HawkinsWay back in the 1980s (says he, pulling a long beard), I worked for an in-house agency involved with one of the first computer generated TV commercials. At that time, it required a massive Cray computer and an entire roomful of bearded, flannel-shirted geeks – and it took months. But I was hooked. As the technology became more accessible to artists, like me, who are not rocket scientists, I got more and more involved. I’ve been working with 3D Studio Max now for almost ten years. I learned the basics of the program when I had to produce an architectural model for a client on a very tight deadline. I continued working with the program as a hobby (read “obsession”), but as my skills have expanded, I’ve been able to help more clients with their 3D models and animation. I am continually amazed at what can be created, and I know there is much more to learn. I enjoy enlightening business people as to the possibilities of 3D modeling and animation in their presentations.

I’d therefore like to present our new website, one that I designed specifically for our 3D work. Enjoy! www.3DModeling4Business.com

I would also like to invite you to comment on the new site. What do you think of the presentation videos? What do you think of the overall design?

About Jefferson Hawkins

With over 40 years experience in graphic design, marketing and advertising, Jefferson brings a wealth of old-school basics to the digital age.

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