The Creative Process – No Scrimping Allowed!

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For our first post, we thought we would write about the creative process that goes into developing a marketable image of your business. With over 25 years of experience, not only in graphic design, but in the marketing aspects of what it takes to sell your product, we create an image of professionalism that is sure to inspire confidence in your services and products. Whether you are selling your book, your  artwork, agricultural equipment, millions of dollars worth of real estate or your accounting services, the value the public will place  on those services and products, will depend to a large degree on how you visually portray your products and services. That is where we come in.

Let’s take, for instance, a logo.  The value of a non-cliched recognizable representation of your product can not be overstated. A logo is a symbol of your company. It will carry the message of who you are for years  into the future. It’s not something to scrimp on or devalue.

We start with you, the client. In our initial meetings, we find out as much as we can about you and your company. We read your literature. We study your website. We study any other information you provide to us. And we ask you a lot of questions. Some of the questions are the obvious ones, about your business goals, your mission statement, your products and services, your customers. Some of the questions may surprise you. We might ask you for words or concepts you would use to describe your company. Would you say your company is “feminine,” “nurturing,” or “organic”? Or would you describe it as “strong,” “stable,” or “masculine.” We’ll discuss such things as themes and motifs. We’ll also ask you about your competitors. And we’ll visit their websites and look at their logos. We’ll look at the logos of many other businesses in your field. Why? So we can avoid the trite, the obvious, the overused, and develop something unique, something that stands out.

And that is how we start the creative process. More  to come in our next post.

About Sherry Katz

General Manager at SkyHawk Studios, Sherry has over 25 years experience in and around the sales, music, performance and fine art fields.


  1. Kathy Owen

    Hello, and Congratulations on your new joint venture and on this beautiful website!

    I’ve seen many of Jeff’s amazing past products and I know Sherry’s talents and track record, so this can be nothing short of a powerhouse team. And I’m sure you’re having fun, too!

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