Why Hire a Professional?

Why Hire a Professional?

We live in an age where technology has put the tools of graphic design in the hands of many. Anyone can get Photoshop or InDesign or Illustrator on their computer. Even Word puts many graphic tools at one’s command – different type fonts, colors and neat effects, like drop shadows, metallic lettering, even letters that flash on and off.

So why hire a professional?

And one can go to one of these “logo farm” websites and get a “logo” designed for $50 or $75.

So why hire a professional?

One can also find some young man or woman with a working knowledge of HTML coding and get them to throw together a website for you for a few hundred dollars.

So why hire a professional?

One only has to browse through a sampling of current websites to get the answer. The bulk of websites are poorly designed. Colors clash, elements fight each other, navigation is confusing. Logos are trite and clichéd. One look at the site and you know you are dealing with a company or a person who tried to do it on the cheap.

Maybe that’s an advantage – if your customers are those who are looking for a low-end bargain. Maybe they are looking for something cheap and cheesy.

But if a quality image is important to you or your company, it’s best to think twice before taking the amateur route.

We had a recent client who had been trying to get a website done for years. He had tried several people, but none of them had been able to produce a website. His business was complex, and they simply could not assimilate the information about his business, understand it, and then work out how to effectively communicate about his business with the words and images that would be clear, attractive and effective.

Any true professional brings years of experience to the table. He or she is not only proficient in the mechanics of software programs like Photoshop and InDesign, but has a thorough grounding in design basics like color harmony, balance, composition, the laws of isolation and attraction, and many other tools of the visual arts.

Having worked with many companies and clients, the true professional knows the right questions to ask to get a rapid understanding of any business. And he or she knows how to effectively process that information, boil it down to its basics, and communicate the product or service benefits to the potential customer through literature or a website.

When you see a professional presentation, you know it. And it says a lot about you or your company. It says “this is someone who takes the time to get it right.” And that is an important message to deliver to your potential clients and customers.


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